What are Meta Tags?

Titles & Meta Tags are special HTML Tags that are inserted into your web page and are often not directly visible to your visitors.

Web page Titles & Meta Tags help search engines understand, catalog and categorize your web pages so those looking for your products or services can find you. There are many different types of MetaTags that can be used for many different purposes, but our main focus here are the Meta Tags used with basic search engine optimization.

Why do I Need Titles & Meta Tags?

Every web page should have a Title and a Meta Description Tag. Your web page Title is similar to the Title of a book and the Meta Description is similar to the preface or back cover of a book and is used to describe what the web page is about. Since search engines display this in their search results, it is very important that your Title and Meta Tags be search engine friendly.

When Titles and Meta Tags are properly used you will have much more control over what is displayed in search results. Use our free Meta Tag creator tool below to help you generate Meta Tags for Google, Meta Tags for Bing, Meta Tags for STW and other search engines.

Fact: All major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Scrub The Web, Bing and others use Titles and Meta Tags! Don't take our word for it, visit Open Window to Google Google™ or Open Window to Yahoo! Yahoo!® and see what they have to say about Meta Tag optimization.

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